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Best Ways To Clean Green

Living in Gainesville, FL and looking for ways to go green while cleaning your house? You’ve arrived at the right place. The usage of toxic, non-degradable cleaning products has caused enough damage to the environment as it is. It’s high time we stood up and did our part in protecting our environment as responsible...

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maid gainesville fl

You Relax, We Clean.

Do you need maid service? We have top quality maids that are very reliable, have a quality work ethic, have great integrity, and have experience in working as a professional home and office cleaner for 1 year or more. House cleaning and office cleaning are our specialty. We are primarily a “green service” which...

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DIY Green Cleaning Products

DIY GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS Home cleaning products are one of the most toxic substances. Some toxic home cleaners include chlorine bleach, ammonia, aerosol propellants, petroleum distillates, detergents, and toluene. These products not only damage the skin, they also emit toxic fumes that affect you and others in the area. In contrast, green cleaning products...

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