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You Relax, We Clean.

Do you need maid service? We have top quality maids that are very reliable, have a quality work ethic, have great integrity, and have experience in working as a professional home and office cleaner for 1 year or more. House cleaning and office cleaning are our specialty. We are primarily a “green service” which...

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Summer Gardening

Early summer is a great time to plant vegetables. It’s also a great time to harden any seedlings that you planted indoors, and bring them outside to prepare for going in the ground. Some of my favorites to plant for summer, are basil, tomatoes, zinnias and sunflowers. This was colorful and the basil was...

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Why Go Green?

Why live “green”? It appears that we’ve seen the many repercussions for not living “green” lifestyles. What are they, you might ask? There are many, such as destruction of our earth, the increase of unnecessary waste, over-consumption of different resources, illnesses and diseases. Living “green” means living natural and using what nature has provided....

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