Hi! Our pricing is as follows:

We charge per hour, by the number of cleaners.

2 Maids $75/hr (2 Hour Minimum $150)

1 Maid: $40/hr (3 Hour Minimum $120)

We give free quotes over the phone based on the size of your home and whether you have pets, children, how frequent your cleanings, and your needs are all factored into your custom quote.! 352-214-0252

Move out cleaning, (usually 4 hours with 2 maids), for an average sized home. Larger homes require more, and smaller (1 bedrooms) take less time. 3 Hour minimum on move out cleaning.

We have 20 hour package deals available for our customers that want to save money, prepay and save over $200! ($1,299 for 20 hours with 2 maids, saves $20 or more per cleaning.)

Call today to get a quote or book your cleaning: 352-214-0252! Thanks, and have a great day!

*All of our clients prepay for service. In order to reserve your space on our schedule, you will need to call with your credit card info, or use Paypal to pre-pay for your service.

We no longer accept cash or checks, sorry for the inconvenience. This is part of our effort to streamline operations in order to put our energy towards serving our customers better, and free up our staff to focus on cleaning, and customer care.

We don’t give refunds, but are happy to fix any cleaning that doesn’t measure up to our standard of service. We rarely get complaints, but we aren’t perfect, and if we need to re-clean something, we will!

For our customers’ convenience we are now providing an online payment system. Please be sure to call and speak to someone to get your cleaning scheduled. 352-214-0252

20 Hour Package Deal (2 Maids, 20 Hours) Save over $200!


4 Hours, 2 Maids $299

(Most move out cleanings, also first time cleanings on 2000-3000 sq. ft. homes, or deep cleanings on mid sized homes 1500-2000 sq ft)

3 Hours, 2 Maids $225

(This is great for most “one time cleanings” “first time cleanings.” In general, this is for a small to midsized home, up to 2000 sq. ft. which (in most cases) will allow for the cleaners to clean all surfaces. In some cases, you may want to add an hour.

2 Hours, 2 Maids $150

(This is great for an “express” style cleaning for a small-midsize home, up to 2000 sq. ft. (We recommend 3 hours for a first time cleaning or a little more in depth cleaning.)

Add 1 Hour, 2 Maids

$75 (This is for adding an hour to a cleaning, we do not do 1 hour cleanings)

4 Hours, 1 Maid $160

(Great for most first time cleans, or monthly cleaning on small to mid-sized homes up to 2000 sq. ft.)

3 Hours, 1 Maid $120

Great for bi-weekly cleaning on small to mid-sized apartments or homes. (1000-1900 sq. ft range)

2 Hours, 1 Maid $80

Good for small (1 bedroom) cleanings, not for deep cleaning. This is best for weekly cleaning on a smaller apartment, or “express style” cleaning bi-weekly on a small (1 bedroom) apartment.