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Recurring clients, save over $200!

20 Hour Package Deal (2 Maids, 20 Hours)


2500 sq ft homes and larger, please call for a quote. 352-214-0252 * Most first time cleanings are going to be 5 hours with 2 cleaners or more time, depending on the home’s condition, whether there needs extra scrubbing, dusting in areas, etc. Every home is different and we try to work within our client’s budgets and needs.
4 Hours, 2 Maids $299

(Most move out cleanings, also first time cleanings on 2000 sq. ft. homes, or deep cleanings on mid sized homes 1500-2000 sq ft)

3 Hours, 2 Maids $225

(This is great for most “one time cleanings” “first time cleanings.” In general, this is for a small to midsized home, up to 2000 sq. ft. which (in most cases) will allow for the cleaners to clean all surfaces. In some cases, you may want to add an hour.

2 Hours, 2 Maids $150

(This is great for an “express” style cleaning for a small-midsize home, up to 2000 sq. ft. (We recommend 3 hours for a first time cleaning or a little more in depth cleaning.)

Add 1 Hour, 2 Maids


4 Hours, 1 Maid $160

(Great for most first time cleans, or monthly cleaning on small to mid-sized homes up to 2000 sq. ft.)

3 Hours, 1 Maid $120

Great for bi-weekly cleaning on small to mid-sized apartments or homes. (1000-1900 sq. ft range)