Office Cleaning in Gainesville FL

Office Cleaning Gainesville FL

Our services are provided on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We do general janitorial work, such as taking out trash, dusting all surfaces, cleaning floors and taking care of restrooms. Extra attention is given to places such as doorknobs, light switches, glass windows/doors by request. Kitchen areas are cleaned and sanitized as well including interior of microwave, exterior of appliances such as refrigerator. All floors swept, mopped and vacuumed. Air freshener and optional aromatherapy with essential oils are always complimentary.

Rates for office cleaning are done on a quote basis in person. Square footage and frequency of cleaning are taken into consideration in our pricing.

What does office cleaning entail?

We all know what types of chores are involved when it comes to cleaning our homes, even if we might not like to do them! It’s a bit more difficult to imagine what types of tasks are involved in cleaning an entire office building. Whether it’s cubicles, the kitchen, the bathroom, or somewhere else, here are a few examples of what cleaners might do in a commercial setting.

Daily Tasks

Certain tasks can be completed on a daily basis. This might include emptying wastebaskets, wiping down surfaces. Floors can also be cleaned daily, including vacuuming and mopping. Cleaners will also engage in general tidying tasks, such as removing cobwebs from the ceiling, wiping fingerprints from surfaces, and clearing up any stray trash.

Kitchen & Break Room

Office kitchens can get messy! Cleaners will wipe down countertops and microwaves, mop the floor, and remove any water stains or splash marks from the sink, among other tasks. They’ll make sure to clear up any stray crumbs or trash left behind during the lunch hour.


Bathrooms will need to be stocked with tissue, soap, and other accessories. As with the rest of the office, cleaners will empty wastebaskets. They’ll also wipe down any surfaces and polish mirrors, using disinfectant where necessary.

Weekly & Monthly Tasks

Office cleaners will also engage in larger scale tasks that don’t need to be completed on a daily basis. This might include buffing hardwood floors and doing more comprehensive cleaning of glass doors and walls. They’ll also vacuum easy to forget areas, like chairs or vents that can collect dust and debris over time.

When it comes to cleaning your office, office cleaners know exactly what needs to get done. Your building will be clean from the floors to the walls to the break room, and everything in between.

Office Cleaning Gainesville FL