We’d like to give a shout out to the other sustainable businesses in Gainesville, FL. Here are some of the “good guys” that put extra effort into reducing their impact on our environment.


Sun Power Lawn Care is known as the quiet lawn care service in Gainesville, Fl. They are solar and battery powered, so they do not use gas. There are at least two benefits to having this kind of a lawn care service. First, they are actually quiet because their equipment is being ran electrically. Whether you need peace of mind first thing in the morning, or the middle of the day, these are your best pick. Secondly, since they don’t use gas, they don’t put off nearly as much air pollution. If you want to do your part to care for the environment, these are your guys! Tom Snogles, the owner, is from England, and has spent years in formal schooling for horticulture. His standards for yard maintenance remain high. You can call him for your FREE quote today! 352-507-5296



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