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Best Places in Gainesville FL

THE BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GAINESVILLE FL Do you plan to visit Gainesville any time soon? This article contains the best places to visit in Gainesville FL. Also, you will find a maid service Gainesville FL to take care of your home while you tour Gainesville. Gainesville is home of Florida University and offers […]

Summer Gardening

Early summer is a great time to plant vegetables. It’s also a great time to harden any seedlings that you planted indoors, and bring them outside to prepare for going in the ground. Some of my favorites to plant for summer, are basil, tomatoes, zinnias and sunflowers. This was colorful and the basil was used […]


here has always been something about plants and greenery that has drawn me to them. I have often found the rich green leaves to bring peace and relaxation. Is it the fact that they’re a living organism that come from nature? I grew up spending a lot of time playing outdoors with cousins or neighbors. […]

Choosing a Better House Cleaning Service

When you choose a house cleaning service, you choose one that reflects your evolving intelligence and maturity. Not all services are top rated….some in fact, are truly hazardous to your health. Even some of the “green” cleaning services or the local maid services marketing “non-toxic” cleaning products, unfortunately do not realize the damage they are […]

Colorful Eating for Health

One thing we can probably all relate to is thinking back as far as we can remember as children and recall being told “eat your vegetables!” You might even think of Popeye when you think of spinach with his big muscles which gave him extra strength. What a great selling tool! How many little boys […]

Gainesville Faves

We are excited to be expanding our territory into surrounding areas, including Marion County (Ocala FL). We are right on the verge of summer and wanted to go ahead and post a blog of our faves for outside park spots to check out in Gainesville, FL. This list is not in order! These places are […]

Ocala FL Cleaning Service

Hi Gainesville and Ocala! We are officially open for business in Ocala FL starting next week and so thankful to God for making that happen for us. We are currently having availability for a 1 person team cleanings, but are busy building our Ocala FL team. We are looking at how we can partner with […]

Green Cleaning Gainesville FL

As people understand why it’s so important to use “green” cleaning products and services, (healthier for people, healthier for the environment)…we see more green cleaning brands coming on the market. We also see a lot of cleaning services marketing themselves as “non-toxic” and “green” but many times, they do not know much about what they […]

Move Cleaning!

Hi Gainesville and Ocala! We are soooooo excited to be moving into the Ocala territory! This post is about move out cleaning and our move into Ocala, as well as our current team status and our goals. We got the official update that we will be branching into Ocala this past week, after much prayer, […]

Cleaning 101

Cleaning. Such a common and simple concept in our everyday lives. Not only is cleaning important to us humans, but we also see animals, some more than others, instinctively cleanse themselves. But cleaning is more profound than what you might think. I remember reading a book in elementary school about a girl’s home where no […]