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DIY Green Cleaning Products

DIY GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS Home cleaning products are one of the most toxic substances. Some toxic home cleaners include chlorine bleach, ammonia, aerosol propellants, petroleum distillates, detergents, and toluene. These products not only damage the skin, they also emit toxic fumes that affect you and others in the area. In contrast, green cleaning products are […]

Pro Cleaning Health Benefits

HEALTH BENEFITS OF A HIRING PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE It’s normal to have spots of dirt, a bad patch or a strange smell sometimes. What’s not okay though is living with dirt and bad smell. They will only fester and cause you health hazards in the long-term. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t deal with the […]

DIY Home Organization

DIY HOME ORGANIZING TIPS Have you ever thought of using a magazine rack to organize your kitchen utensils? How about using a tension curtain rod as a cabinet divider? Further, if you want to use your cabinet space, there are ideas for fastening under shelves in cabinets. Let’s be honest; your home cabinets can never […]

Benefits of Keeping Home & Office Tidy

A tidy and clean home or office increases morale and productivity. So keeping your home, office or workplace is a priority by hiring a cleaning service company is important. With desks and workstations providing a home for germs, maintaining a good cleaning schedule is vital. This will help keep employees active and healthy positive in […]

Top 7 Things To Recycle

TOP 7 THINGS TO RECYCLE When you recycle materials after using them, you are contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. Part of living green and keeping the planet safe involves recycling. Today, a lot of people recycle the materials they use in their homes and their offices daily. Recycling helps you to conserve energy […]

Gainesville FL Office Cleaning

MAID SERVICE/OFFICE CLEANING – WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO HAVE PRO-CLEANERS Your office is an integral part of your life. This is because to a good extent, most of your business time is spent in your office. When client’s visit, the first impression they have about you is determined by how neat and organized your office […]

Thanksgiving House Cleaning

UPCOMING HOLIDAY – HOW TO GET HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES As Thanksgiving approaches, this is the right time to figure out how to prepare your home for the holiday. With the number of guests who will visit, it is important that you have a good house cleaning plan. A clean restroom, dining area, sitting room, and […]

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals

Happy Thanksgiving! We are open Black Friday for cleaning, if you have any need for help cleaning up after Thanksgiving, we still have 1-2 spots available for house cleaning in Gainesville FL. We also have 1-2 spaces available early in the week before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend with your family, and […]

Useful House Cleaning Tips

USEFUL HOUSE CLEANING TIPS Cleaning our homes is very quintessential and sacrosanct. The different parts of the home we must take into consideration when cleaning are, the bedroom, bathroom, parlor or sitting room, dining room, the foyer and last but not least, the kitchen. I have made a list of some of the best household […]

7 Ways To Go Green

7 WAYS TO GO GREEN The need to save the planet and your environment is more paramount now than ever before. To do this, you need to resort to healthier lifestyles that cost you less. Also, there is currently a strong advocacy for people to save the climate, save their lives and avoid unnecessary lifestyles […]