Best Ways To Clean Green

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Living in Gainesville, FL and looking for ways to go green while cleaning your house? You’ve arrived at the right place. The usage of toxic, non-degradable cleaning products has caused enough damage to the environment as it is. It’s high time we stood up and did our part in protecting our environment as responsible citizens of this beautiful planet.

With the environmental and health impact of several cleaning products becoming clearer day by day, a number of effective, green, and healthy cleaning products are now ruling the marketplace. Many of them are completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and made using renewable resources, thus reducing your pollution footprint. However, if you’d like to make good ol’ cleaning products yourself, there are a number of home-made cleaners that can clean just as effectively. Baking soda and vinegar can beat almost any kind of stains or dirt. Just pour them into some warm water and that’ll serve all your needs!

Here’s a list of the best house cleaning Gainesville FL tips you can use to show your support for the green movement!

Have your home smelling like heaven!

Not only does baking soda clear up strange odors in your fridge, but it is also great for eliminating carpet odors. Simply sprinkle some baking soda powder over your carpet for a while. Vacuum them up after they’ve finished soaking up the odors from your carpet.

Employ a Green Cleaning Service

If you haven’t got the time for cleaning your house, there are a number of high-quality green cleaning services like Green Clean Homes, who are among the top Gainesville FL cleaning services and can help you out with your cleaning requirements while keeping it green. Keep calling around to find a cleaning service close to your place that utilizes green methods and products to transform your place completely!

Cleaning Glasses and Mirrors

Don’t waste your time with window cleaners that list ammonia among their components. You can clean your windows effectively using 4 tbsp. lemon juice that’s been mixed with ½ gallon of ordinary water. Other effective cleaning solutions for mirrors and glass also include white distilled vinegar. (The smell goes away when it dries.)

Cleaning your bare floors

All you need is a basic water and vinegar solution for cleaning your home’s bare floors. Simply pour a cup of vinegar into a gallon of warm water. Use this solution for mopping your wood, vinyl, linoleum, wood, or ceramic tile floors. There’s no need for you to rinse later either – thus helping you save precious water and time!

Cleaning Metal Work

If you own tarnished brass or copper antiques, bring them back to their shiny state without damaging them by simply using vinegar, salt, and flour. Yep, that’s right, flour! Use equal parts to make a cleaning paste and rub it onto your copper or brass items using a soft piece of cloth. You can then cover its surface and allow it to dry out for an hour or so. Proceed to wipe the paste off using a soft, clean cloth and ta-da! It’ll be just as shiny as it was the day you brought it home. Ask your manufacturer for input on using these methods always to avoid any mistakes that could harm the finishing on certain surfaces.

Thanks for making the choice to go green. Your health will always be better with less chemicals. 🙂