DIY Home Organization

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Have you ever thought of using a magazine rack to organize your kitchen utensils? How about using a tension curtain rod as a cabinet divider?

Further, if you want to use your cabinet space, there are ideas for fastening under shelves in cabinets. Let’s be honest; your home cabinets can never be enough.

While you can buy some products to help organize your home, you can carry out some DIY ideas. This will help you save some cash. There are DIY tips that you can implement to keep your home organized. The result is free time and extra space to enjoy.

Here are some DIY Organization tips to keep your home organized

• Hang pans and pots

To avoid using up cabinet space with some kitchen items, use hooks to hang them on the wall. Begin by hanging the largest items first. Next, hang medium-sized items and finish with pocket-sized items.

• Bathroom Storage

Indeed, it might be difficult to organize under your bathroom sink. Although a trip to the grocery store can help. Get stacking containers to arrange cleaning products, hair tools, and shampoo.

• Cookie Cutter Control

If you don’t like searching your drawer a cookie cutter, use this easy solution! Organize your cookie cutters into small groups based on what you want to do or even the season.

Put each group into different ziplock containers and tag them with a marker. Whenever you need a cookie cutter, you’ll know the cookie cutter to pick. Easy, right?

• Pockets For Papers

Organize important kitchen papers with quality plastic binder pockets. Use them to store your favorite recipes, takeout menus, coupons, reference sheets, and more. With a tape, close the pockets within the cabinet door. This will keep them hidden, but accessible.

• Hang Measuring Cups

Organize your measuring cups by hanging them separately. Keeping them in a stack will take up

more space. Use command hooks to hang them inside a cupboard door.

Whenever you need them, just grab them with ease. Also, everyone will know where to hang them when they unload the dishwasher.

• Hang sleeveless shirts and tank tops

Do you have several sleeveless shirts and tank tops using up space in your drawers? Why not use a hanger and some shower curtain rings to save space?

Hook the straps of the tank top up on a shower curtain ring. Next, clip the rings to the base of the hanger. With this technique, you can fit about six tank tops or shirts on one hanger.

• Cheap Fridge Bins

Spending some cash on fancy bins is needless. To organize your fridge, buy some small plastic bins and label them. You can do this just the way you want it. Trust me; it will help organize your food.

Staying organized is a good way to save yourself some effort and time around the house. So get a place for everything and keep your home organized! You and your home deserve it.