Top 7 Things To Recycle


When you recycle materials after using them, you are contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. Part of living green and keeping the planet safe involves recycling. Today, a lot of people recycle the materials they use in their homes and their offices daily.

Recycling helps you to conserve energy and saves you resources that would have been expended when you do not recycle. Knowing the things to recycle is the first step towards achieving a safer and greener society.

Having said that, here are 7 things to recycle.


You are possibly one of the millions of Americans who enjoy checking on your newspaper vendor to pick the dailies. The Environmental Protection Agency has disclosed that papers alone contribute to one-third of all the municipal wastes generated in the U.S.

This then entails that recycling the newspapers and other paper scraps you use is a smart way of keeping the environment clean. It saves you resources and energy among many other advantages of recycling your newspapers.


Do you know that you can recycle every aluminum material you use?. You can recycle your beverage cans, food cans, and other aluminum containers for other uses. When you do this, you are optimizing your resources by eliminating wastes associated with buying brand new ones.

PET Plastic Bottles

PET plastic bottles are mostly used in water packaging. Every day, millions of Americans use bottled waters packaged with PET plastics. What do you do with yours after gulping the water to quench your thirst? Do you mess the landfill with these PET plastic bottles? Assuredly, one of the best ways to go green is to recycle these PET plastic bottles.

STEEL Containers

Just like aluminum, steel containers can be recycled without undermining steel’s quality. Also, it includes steel appliances, auto parts and more.

Magazines and Cardboards

You can enjoy a cleaner and safer air when you recycle your magazines and cardboards. These papers are derivatives from trees and when you recycle a ton of paper, you save 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water. So recycling your papers helps to save as many trees as possible. These trees add to the healthy air we breathe.

HDPE plastic bottles

HDPE is used in making bottles for packaging bleach, detergents, and liquid soaps. Also, they are known as HDPE.

Some of these materials are recyclable. But it is advisable to rinse the containers first to avoid making a mess of the recycling process.


Glass containers and bottles usually used for foods and drinks are completely recyclable. When you recycle glass containers, you are saving not less than 95% percent of raw materials that would have gone into manufacturing new ones.

With this piece of information, I bet you will begin to add to the safety of your environment by recycling the waste you can. So go green. Live green.