Thanksgiving House Cleaning


As Thanksgiving approaches, this is the right time to figure out how to prepare your home for the holiday. With the number of guests who will visit, it is important that you have a good house cleaning plan. A clean restroom, dining area, sitting room, and kitchen, impresses guests a lot, the more reason why you must take this task seriously.

Given that you will have a lot happening in the kitchen before Thanksgiving (including the many errands), you may need to hire house cleaning services. A task this important needs proper attention to avoid complications.

Therefore, to get it right, use these helpful tips:

– Find housecleaning services through friends and family

There is nothing more convincing and reassuring than getting first-hand information from a client. Ask around and find out from family members, colleagues, and friends which housecleaning company they use. This first step will show what the company’s website won’t.

– Accept online reviews with a pick of salt

Once you have had some referrals from friends and family, the next step is to visit the company’s website. Reading customers reviews is a great way to get a feel of the company.

While at it, it is important to remember that some reviews are emotional display while some are written by customers who the company pays. Thus, if the reviews are too perfect, they may have been paid for, if they are all bad, then the company is a definite no-no. Companies with many positive reviews and a few negative reviews will do just fine.

– Insurance

Since hiring a house cleaning company means they will be touching and moving around some of your stuff, you need a level of assurance. Insurance coverage is a criterion that you must look out for in a company you intend to hire. Their insurance should cover theft, damage, injured workers etc. You will need to request for copies of the policies.

– Experience and reputation

The number of years the company has existed and the type of jobs they have done is important. The company’s reputation which is visible in the awards and accreditation it has are also vital.

Type of services

When you decide to find a house cleaning company, you have expectations. It is very important that the services they offer can meet your expectations. Some customers even customize their services to suit whatever expectations you have.

– Cleaning supplies

Meanwhile, do not assume that the company will provide the cleaning supplies. Be sure to confirm if they are providing the supplies or you are.

More so, to avoid any form of extra charges, make sure you understand the terms of service. Things like cancellation policy, change of services etc, are very important. These conditions must be clearly stated and understood.

Finally, it is important that you get to know the company, the type of staff (employees versus contract workers) and guarantee of satisfaction. Once satisfied with all the details, let the cleaning begin. Wow, your guests this Thanksgiving with your spotless home.