Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals

Happy Thanksgiving! We are open Black Friday for cleaning, if you have any need for help cleaning up after Thanksgiving, we still have 1-2 spots available for house cleaning in Gainesville FL.

We also have 1-2 spaces available early in the week before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend with your family, and bond over food! Whether you go the traditional Thanksgiving route, or do something creative (like a seafood thanksgiving) it’s still all about family, friends, and giving thanks.

If you don’t want to do the cooking, there are a few restaurants open for Thanksgiving. Paramount Grill (pricey), Haile Plantation Bistro, and Albert’s inside Hilton off 34th St. are all open.

There are also other restaurants open, if you’re interested, check out Archer Rd.

After Thanksgiving, some pre-Black Friday shopping begins (you can check online for stores/deals). Black Friday also is a day of deals. If you’re into saving money and taking advantage of Black Friday, we are offering some Black Friday deals for gift certificates and our 20 hour package.

Our 20 hour (2 maid) cleaning package is normally $1299, (over $200 off) but on Black Friday it drops to $1199. We only do this 1 time per year and only have 10 deals available. This drops the price to over $300 off, and the package can be parceled into 10 cleanings. This deal starts today.

If you are wanting to take advantage of the Black Friday deals, we are running this once a year special starting today, through Black Friday. Call us 352-214-0252

Our other Black Friday offer is 15% off all gift certificates, that deal is also running through Black Friday and we have 50 available (various amounts).

Whether you are having a traditional Thanksgiving, or a creative one, and whether you shop or relax, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, if you’d rather relax than clean, please give us a call and allow us to help you with house cleaning! 352-214-0252