7 Ways To Go Green


The need to save the planet and your environment is more paramount now than ever before. To do this, you need to resort to healthier lifestyles that cost you less. Also, there is currently a strong advocacy for people to save the climate, save their lives and avoid unnecessary lifestyles that cost them a fortune.

Going green is a new consciousness across the globe. It simply means doing things that help a better and healthier environment and people. How then can you save the environment while living within your means? The following are smart ways to go green and save green

1. Recycling your wastes

Why throw cans away, when you can recycle them? When you recycle the wastes you generate, you are helping to build a better and healthier environment. Rather than dispose of your papers, cardboard, containers, you could simply recycle them and apply them to other uses.

2. Use energy-saving bulbs, appliances and put off your energy when not in use:

You could save well by switching to energy saving devices. Also, you can save a lot of money when you develop the habit of putting off appliances you are not making use of both in the office and at home. Put off all appliances from electricity when you do not need them to be on.

3. Compost your wastes:

Instead of throwing out your garbage and leftovers, you could compost them and reapply them in your neighborhood garden. You could apply the composted waste to your flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other plants.

4. Buy only what you need and in a large quantity:

Buying smart is buying only what you have a need for. Also, there is an advantage in buying in larger quantity. It saves you costs and you may enjoy some discounts which usually follow bulk purchases.

5. Don’t leave your water taps open:

Learn how to minimize water usage. Use only the quantity that is necessary and remember to close the taps after use. Do not turn your showers to ‘pleasure’ places. Do not spend a long time in the shower. Just take a shower instead of a bath.

6. Start a neighborhood gardening
Plant trees, plant flowers and grow the vegetables you use within your neighborhood. Above all, grow them organically by applying composite leftovers to them. Plants and flowers, aside from beautifying your environment, they are good sources of cleaning the air you breathe.
7. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Vegetarianism is fast becoming a healthier lifestyle across the globe. In fact, studies indicate that living on fruits, vegetables and nuts are healthier than living on red meats. Red meats are considered fatty and could plunge your health. Even when you cannot entirely practice full vegetarianism, you could consider cutting down on your intake of meat.
Bottom Line

Since healthy living is what everyone desires, won’t you consider resorting to healthy lifestyles? Lifestyles that promote your health, save you money, keep your environment clean and safe? Go green and save green!