Summer Gardening

Early summer is a great time to plant vegetables. It’s also a great time to harden any seedlings that you planted indoors, and bring them outside to prepare for going in the ground.

Some of my favorites to plant for summer, are basil, tomatoes, zinnias and sunflowers. This was colorful and the basil was used to make lots of jars of pesto! The fresh tomatoes and basil is hard to beat on a baguette with olive oil, garlic, and parmesean cheese! There’s nothing like gardening your own foods and then eating them.

Some other awesome choices to plant each year (I plant in spring when I do gardening) squash, watermelon, chives, snap peas, green beans. Gourds are great to grow for decorative purposes and they are also awesome to use to make musical instruments or craft projects.

Gardening is one of those things that represent life, as these things are always in a growth stage, or harvest, just like life. They are always evolving, like life is always changing. 🙂 Roses, if you can maintain them (they are a bit tougher for me) are an awesome beautiful addition to every garden. 🙂

I’ve tried growing watermelons and pumpkins but just can’t seem to grow them large enough. I enjoy blueberries, but haven’t mastered the pH balance in the soil (they need acidic soil, like pineneedles for covering, and several plants do well together instead of just one or two.) Yet, I haven’t become a pro at any of these, YET!! (Maybe I will soon!) 🙂

What are some of your favorite things to grow in each year? Do you have any “go to” seeds you always plant every year? Any varieties you change out year to year? I’d love to hear from you. There’s more to being “green” than just the cleaning products we use! Planting seeds brings life, and each day, (God willing) keeps growing!!

Water frequently in early or late hours to keep your garden growing!