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here has always been something about plants and greenery that has drawn me to them. I have often found the rich green leaves to bring peace and relaxation. Is it the fact that they’re a living organism that come from nature?

I grew up spending a lot of time playing outdoors with cousins or neighbors. In my young elementary years, we lived in a 3-story house in southern New England, and that house had what seemed to me acres and acres of exciting and adventurous woods in the back. We would spend hours playing dramatic make-believe stories. I remember making quite interesting concoctions of sticks, rocks, and leaves, but thankfully, I don’t remember ever eating any of the brews.

I also have pleasant memories of my 5th grade class taking nature walks behind our elementary school, where our teacher so creatively taught us about different types of leaves. I remember being intrigued by the Native American Indian mounds that we came across and the fascinating stories of how they used leaves and herbs for healing. Looking back through the year,s I see how being out in nature has probably played a big part of my love for nature and plants.

Now as an adult, one of my favorite qualities of Florida is the beautiful, lush greenery that stays same pretty much the same all year round. I just love being surrounded by rich green trees of all kinds, especially the palm trees.

I truly enjoy bringing nature inside, whether at my current office or home. There’s something about those living beings that tend to soothe the atmosphere. Studies have proven that having plants and nature around help increase concentration and productivity by up to 15%! Research has also shown that seeing greenery makes you feel more calm and relaxed. I’m not sure that anyone will argue that fact. But not only does having plants around you bring those benefits, they also help clean the air we breathe. Everyone knows that plants and trees produce oxygen, they also create clean oxygen in our living spaces. Researches at NASA found that houseplants can remove about 87% of toxins in just 24 hours. YES, plants keep the air in our homes fresh, healthy, and clean.

No matter what kinds of experiences you’ve had with plants, make it a goal to bring nature inside. You’ve now seen just a few benefits of having indoor plants. With a little research you can find the right low-maintenance plant right for your space. Plants not only bring beauty to any space, they can also enhance our well-being.