Choosing a Better House Cleaning Service

Maid Ocala FL

When you choose a house cleaning service, you choose one that reflects your evolving intelligence and maturity. Not all services are top rated….some in fact, are truly hazardous to your health.

Even some of the “green” cleaning services or the local maid services marketing “non-toxic” cleaning products, unfortunately do not realize the damage they are doing to your health and they are clueless of the fact that they use cleaning products that may have a grand marketing scheme, but in all honesty FAIL when stacked up against the real deal (truly healthier cleaning products–the REAL non-toxic versions).

Don’t take it from us, you can do your own research. EWG.ORG is the environmental working group website that will allow you to measure the cleaning products against each other and get an honest, objective “grade” for each one. This is based on ingredients in the products and there is no financial bias to manipulate data.

Unfortunately we live in a time when people will say almost anything to get the upper edge on their competition, and even lie or manipulate information to gain new clients.

The truth is the truth.

When we came on the scene over 5 years ago, we were babies to house cleaning. We knew nothing. We knew we wanted to become the best and be green. That was pretty much it. We wanted to be trustworthy (and I think we’ve done a great job at accomplishing the goal of being incredibly trustworthy as a cleaning service.) We also did an outstanding job of becoming a truly “green” company, even being recognized in local news, with the leadership of local City Government of Gainesville, and even recognized by the National Company, Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day Products (our favorite cleaning product company).

But there is always room for improvement.

We’re looking at ways we can better ourselves and better serve our community. How can we outshine, not our competition, but ourselves?

I don’t think we can go much greener or become more trustworthy, so I’m guessing we can now focus on giving more. We can become more consistent with quality of work, showing up early and leaving a few minutes later. I notice that the time is of great value, especially when our clients pay for time. I know some cleaning people maybe show up late, so that is one thing we can do different to stand out among the rest.

I’ve heard of cleaners (not our company) who have been caught eating out of clients’ refrigerators, running on their treadmills, laying on their beds, and more. You’ll never catch our crew doing anything like that.

We don’t go after students with high GPAs. I think it’s great to be academically smart. I was that way in school. But in a cleaning business, it’s important to be trustworthy, mature, and get the job done.

So, I don’t want to knock the competition because I strive to love everyone. But I know my clients are pretty smart. And many of them choose us because they’ve made an informed decision.

I hope you will give us the chance to serve you as well. Have a great week!!