Colorful Eating for Health

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One thing we can probably all relate to is thinking back as far as we can remember as children and recall being told “eat your vegetables!” You might even think of Popeye when you think of spinach with his big muscles which gave him extra strength. What a great selling tool! How many little boys wanted to be as strong as Popeye. But even today my mother constantly tells me to eat more sweet potatoes because they are good for this, eat more avocados because they’re good for this, eat more garlic because it’s good for this, etc. It can get a little overwhelming to try and consume all of the fruits and vegetables that we should eating.

The bottom line is that all fruits and vegetables are beneficial for us! We don’t need to focus on eating only more garlic or more broccoli or more blueberries. That point is that all of them on the wide colorful spectrum of colors are very good for our health. Have you ever paid attention to a beautiful salad of rich greens with bright red strawberries and crumbled cheese? Or a tasty, tangy carrot salad mixed with bright orange carrots and luscious purple raisins? What is it about those beautiful color combinations that make our mouths water? It’s because they were made for us to partake in.

So I encourage you to keep eating all the colors of the rainbow of vegetables and fruits. Those are foods that give us a life, nourishment, and stamina. They help us keep our oxygen healthy and our blood flowing freely . From the deep wine colored grapes to the bright yellow bananas, to the brilliant green peppers and to the dark auburn sweet potatoes. Munch on!