Move Cleaning!

Move out cleaning gainesville fl

Hi Gainesville and Ocala! We are soooooo excited to be moving into the Ocala territory! This post is about move out cleaning and our move into Ocala, as well as our current team status and our goals.

We got the official update that we will be branching into Ocala this past week, after much prayer, praise Jesus! We will now begin marketing and team building into the Ocala market. If you reside in Ocala, FL and need either residential cleaning or office cleaning, we will be happy to help you!

Move out cleaning is also an important topic to cover now. Not only are we moving –and cleaning in both Gainesville and Ocala territories now (Alachua and Marion Counties– we also cover Newberry, FL, Alachua FL, Jonesville FL, and Micanopy, Archer, FL –all surrounding areas of Gainesville FL.)

Our move out cleans include refrigerator cleaning (inside and out) inside drawers and cabinets, inside the oven, all horizontal surfaces (counters, shelves, floors), vertical surfaces such as mirrors, removing trash, and dusting fans, light fixtures, and as time allows, baseboards, blinds and any fine detail cleaning (light switches, door knobs, etc.)

Our Gainesville team is growing! We now officially have (the two managers, Carla and Mary) as well as five cleaners to cover our Gainesville area territory.

As we focus on integrity, timeliness, high quality work, and professionalism, we do our best to give you the highest standard of service available in the area while also being trustworthy (we still have no incidents of property theft) we also clean with family friendly cleaning products…We care about you!!! Our cleaning products are more natural, so they are also environmentally friendly and pet friendly.

We start our cleaners at $10 per hour and they get a raise to $11 after month 1. (Then after the first month, we give $1 raises based on timeliness, work quality, professionalism, and showing up to work/not calling in. 🙂 We do our best to reward our hard workers, and give them a wage that is fair for the work they do. We want to give our workers more, and as we grow we will be well able.

Our desire is still to build up to the point to be able to help rescue children from sex trafficking, and truly, build orphanages for them. This has been on our hearts for a long time now (both Mary and Carla also have expressed the same goal of rescuing kids) so as soon as we get to the point where there is an ability to purchase children’s freedom, we will…God willing we can begin that this year….we’ll see. We have to be able to allow our workers to make a fair living wage, and still help others, while supporting the business and our families.

It may not happen over night but we are steadily growing. If you’d like to partner with us, we’d love that, just reach out and let us know!