Cleaning 101

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Cleaning. Such a common and simple concept in our everyday lives. Not only is cleaning important to us humans, but we also see animals, some more than others, instinctively cleanse themselves. But cleaning is more profound than what you might think.

I remember reading a book in elementary school about a girl’s home where no one took the trash out. I think the moral of the story was to teach children the importance of tending to their chores, but what I got out of it was the importance of taking out the garbage! In the story, the trash in the kitchen became a big mountain. What happens in a place where the trash is not disposed of? Can you imagine the repercussions of all that waste of food, paper, and unwanted items piling up??!! We have probably seen places like that even if just in movies. You may be thinking of your teenager’s room right now… lol. But seriously, unwanted critters will find their way in and join their “new community” being established just for them. Basic sanitary 101 is taking out the trash.
The same goes for our home overall. If we don’t clean up and sanitize our spaces and work areas, we can spread germs, bacteria, which could lead to diseases. Think about the number of recalls we have just here in our country because of contaminated foods. People end up in the hospital or worst because of “uncleanliness”.  Again, cleaning is so basic, but crucial.
I’ve mentioned how extremely important it is to keep our surroundings clean, and now I want us to consider our bodies. How important is it to practice good hygiene? We teach our children from early on how to clean up after themselves and to always wash their hands. How many times did you hear growing up “Brush your teeth.” Have you every been around someone who really needed a shower? Not only can you lose friends if your not practicing good hygiene, but you can make yourself sick with infections and illnesses. To be acceptable and productive in our society you must be clean.
Now think about the importance of keeping the inside of our bodies clean. How vital is it to have clean, healthy organs and blood? Inflammation is one of the major causes diseases, and inflammation comes from not eating healthy or “clean”. Our bodies were created to cleanse themselves, but when we continue to contaminate them with things that are not beneficial, we can create serious problems. Our heart is a major organ that we must keep healthy just to survive.. but let’s go a little deeper into the depths of our heart, mind, and soul.
Did you know it’s just as important to have a clean heart as it is to have a clean body? What I’m talking about here is your soul.. your heart.. the will and intent of your inner being. What kinds of things make our heart unclean? Unforgiveness, resentment, hatred, just to name a few. Living with those few things in our heart can make our whole world unclean because they make our mind unclean and soon we see the world through unclean eyes. There’s a proverb that says, “Out of the mouth, the heart speaks.” If we have a contaminated heart, our words and thoughts will also be contaminated.
I hope you can see how important it is to keep our environment clean, but also our insides. We can make the world a cleaner place starting with our words and thoughts. Speaking life and positive words into others can help keep our world “sanitary”. Let’s make our world “green” again by cleansing our hearts and souls, first.