Spring Cleaning Gainesville FL

Hello North Central Florida and happy Tuesday!

It is a beautiful spring day in April (just a tad chilly this morning!) and many people are de-cluttering their homes, organizing, and doing spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time of year to remove the old, and make way for the new.

As a cleaning service provider to Gainesville FL residents (and surrounding areas) some of the extra things we can do as a part of “Spring Cleaning” for you is:

Go underneath beds, couches, tables, and other furniture to remove items and clean the floor areas underneath.

Clean cobwebs in upper corners, door thresholds, fans, light fixtures, and all office areas.

Clean out your refrigerator! Throw away old condiments, outdated/expired items, and wipe all drawers/surfaces out.

Clean out your oven. And toaster oven. Remove caked on burnt spills, and this not only makes everything nice and fresh but ALSO prevents fires. Sometimes caked up burnt spills that build for a year or so, can actually catch on fire when you are using your oven/toaster oven to reheat foods.

Clean the kids’ rooms! Yes! The closets and dressers, remove old clothes that kids have grown out of, and give away old items, (this is also a great thing to do for your own wardrobe too!)

Pantry….same as the refrigerator, remove old expired items, and unwanted items and throw away or give away (if not expired).

Drawers/Cabinets take out old items, throw out or give away the clutter that you no longer need/use and clear the space!

Showers/bathtubs/bathrooms ….it’s nice to do a “deep cleaning” once or twice a year on your bathrooms to keep mildew/mold down, remove built up soap scum, and wipe walls/doors/door handles down.

Walls – wiping all walls down once or twice a year (especially with having kids or pets) can give your place a ‘face lift’!

Toy boxes. I don’t know about you, but I often think and wonder about how many toys can I give away that my kids won’t miss. More is not always better. Sometimes having more items can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if they are left all over the floor of any room. I look at how many toys I can give away to create a clutter free space for my children to play, instead of a chaotic mess!!!!

Old furniture that you don’t use. I’ve noticed that sometimes people have “an old chair” or furniture item that just sits in their house, taking up space, but no one uses it. Honestly, when you let items go that you aren’t using, it frees up something and makes you feel lighter, more free, and there is a feeling of joy in letting go of the old.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be hard, or labor intensive. You can tackle one room at a time, or one project at a time. We provide organization services as well as our residential maid cleaning services, and are more than happy to help you create a peaceful sanctuary inside your home that you love to come home to. We love to provide peace of mind.

If you are ready, give us a call at 352-214-0252 and we’ll get you scheduled.

Have an awesome day!!

Mary with Green Clean Homes!