Why Keep Clean House?

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Why keep your home cleaned? That’s simple.

When your house is dirty and disorganized, it is very distracting. When you’re trying to focus on getting things done, and your house is a mess, it impedes your productivity, brings a sense of disorganized thinking into your mind, and it’s harder to focus, and more difficult to be productive.

When my house is clean, I have more peace. I can think more clearly, and I don’t feel stressed or distracted by my house. Keeping a clean home is important for everyone. For children, it provides a feeling of safety, stability, and peace.

For working professionals, it provides a more peaceful atomosphere to come home to. If a person works from home, it provides not only a greater sense of peace, but also keeps work flow productive by removing the distraction of heaps of dishes, laundry, and items that need to be picked up.

The problem most people run into is that the cleaning service they use is usually cleaning clutter with toxic chemicals. On the surface it looks clean, but chemicals that cause disease were used to “clean” the areas, so then it’s just a form of poison wiped on all surfaces that a person is now living in. There is a serious health risk for people who are using regular cleaning chemicals in their homes.

While it’s crucial for your thought life, personal life, and work life to keep a healthy and clean home, it matters just as much to use safe, non-toxic chemicals. White distilled vinegar is a very safe and natural cleaning agent that can be diluted with water. We also use Myer’s Clean Day cleaning products. Using a healthier alternative for cleaning products can reap great health rewards.

If you’re going to clean yourself, look into Myer’s Clean Day products which can be found in Publix (cleaning section) as well as the distilled white vinegar. If you want a cleaning service to help you keep either your house cleaned or your office, we’re here! 352-214-0252 Green Clean Homes Now serving Gainesville, FL and very soon expanding into Ocala FL market!!!