The Green Life

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Hi and happy Wednesday!

Living Green is many ways like living clean. When you make it a goal to leave a cleaner lifestyle, you are making a goal for your life to be healthier. When you cut out unnecessary chemicals, whether it is your diet, your home life, the cleaning chemicals to spray, the body wash and deodorant you use, you’re making positive changes that will affect your health and your pocketbook. You either pay for your health now or you pay for your health later. You can choose now to change your diet and what you put on your body, the lotions and deodorants and soaps you use, or you will pay later (you’ll pay the doctors, the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies).

There are too many cases of cancer in our country which is a newer problem that America has seen. It was not this way 50 years ago. People that are wanting to avoid health issues later in life need to take preventative measures now.

Of course we offer a green cleaning service. That is one change that can be made to help your home to be free of cancer causing chemicals. I wish every cleaning service would change the chemicals that they use in People’s homes. Otherwise, they do not realize it, but they are just perpetuating the problem by spraying more toxic chemicals in people’s homes. Alternatives do exist.

Other ways to change your lifestyle, are to change the things you use on your body. For example, I use a special deodorant that I order from a company called Schmidt’s. This deodorant does not have the aluminum that causes things like breast cancer, etc. in peoples bodies. That one simple change can make a big difference in your life. The toothpaste that I buy is: Dr. Bronner‘s all in one peppermint toothpaste which I found at the local Publix. This is a positive change that is keeping toxic chemicals out of my mouth and my bloodstream. I do not drink things that are toxic, like soda. Instead I drink spring water or filtered water, organic coffee with organic cream, and an occasional organic juice or tea. This change makes an exceptional difference not only in the longevity and quality of your life and body but also it it creates an immediate change. The chemicals in soda or not only detrimental to your health in the long term but also in the short term. You will indeed see extra body weight come off of you if you change from soda to water. But you will also prevent your body from having to grapple with unnecessary illnesses caused by the many chemicals in soda.

Body soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are another way that people can make a positive change in their daily lifestyle. Shampoos, conditioners, and body soaps, have some of the worst chemicals that people put on themselves daily, and these chemicals should not even be legal, much less on the market. Unfortunately the FDA still needs to crack down on the companies that allow these cancer-causing agents to be in soaps, etc. but in the meantime, people need to do their own research, educate themselves, and take precautionary measures now.

There is a soap on the market that I found at Publix and most natural food stores, it is called Dr. Bronner‘s. It is the same maker of the toothpaste that I use. This soap is a natural soap that does not have some of the cancer-causing chemicals that are common to most soaps you will find on the market. I realize I am being somewhat vague and general in what I am saying, but if you have any questions or need to know anything I would be more than happy to answer your questions. Your money will be saved, and much suffering will be prevented if you implement these changes. I truly hope that you will find this information helpful and heed these words. And please educate your neighbor. If you need a cleaning service in Gainesville Florida or Newberry Florida, please give us a call! Thank you so much for reading!