Green Clean Homes Savings

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Hi thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog! All new customers, that have not used our service, are able to use a (one time only) $10 off first service! Please call 352-214-0252 to request your service and mention the $10 off from the blog.

How do you gain other discounts? Our 20 Hour renewing package clients enjoy a discount of over $200 off.

What other ways are you saving with Green Clean Homes?

You are saving your health in a big way when you are choosing us as your Gainesville fl cleaning service.

Many cleaning chemicals (most of them) have toxins, cancer causing agents, and cause respiratory problems over time. These chemicals should not be inhaled by people, and honestly shouldn’t even be on the market. But the problem is that so many people don’t know what is in the cleaning products.

But if your cleaning products over time cause disease in any way, that not only costs you your health, but it also costs you money when you have to miss work, buy prescriptions, go to doctors, etc.

Oh how I wish so much that these chemicals were not legal, but they still are. And people just don’t realize how toxic these chemicals are.

If you want a house cleaning service in Gainesville Fl, that gives you savings, give us a try. You won’t regret it.