If you grew up in a religious Christian or Catholic home, Easter was probably a HUGE holiday for you. But even if you didn’t, it may have been one of your favorite holidays. Easter is a holiday where we celebrate spring with flowers, chocolate bunnies, and Easter ham. But have you ever wondered.. why?

As a grew up and had my own family, I also would pre-order that Honey Baked ham each year for our Easter Sunday dinner. But through the years I began to questions the reasons for all these American traditions. Have you have asked yourself why the bunnies, eggs, and ham? You may find different explanations when you start digging into the route of this holiday.  The truth is, these practices stem back from the Babylonians in the 2nd century.
The name Easter actually derives from Ishtar, who was also known as Semiramis, a Babylonian goddess whose symbols were a rabbit and eggs to represent fertility. She claimed that she, herself had come down from heaven in an egg and landed on the Euphrates River. She taught her followers that her husband, Nimrod, had become the sun and their god, Baal. Once she became pregnant, she claimed she immaculately conceived a child from the sun.
She later gave birth to her son Tammuz, and this is where the ham comes in. Her son became an avid hunter, like his father, until one day he was killed by a wild boar. Ishtar then commanded her followers to sacrifice a wild boar each year on a Sunday, to remember Tammuz. In the book of Ezekiel in the Bible, the prophet mentions the women ” crying for Tammuz”.
It blow my mind to think how far back these customs go back! I’m sure new things have transpired through the years, but the truth is that the things we do are not new, but have actually been passed down from many years ago. Dig deeper for yourself.
As Christians, we celebrate the true meaning of Easter, which is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was crucified and killed. After 3 days He rose from the dead and appeared to many people. The real meaning of Easter celebrated by Christians is for the Resurrection of the King, Lord Jesus. Although, many are deceived and celebrating using items that represent this other, false god, holiday…albeit unknown to them. If more Christians knew the truth about this holiday, they’d celebrate it much differently.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. Jesus Christ did come, and my hope is that you will know Him in this life, and the life to come.