On Colors!

My first paper in college was titled “The Psychological Effects of Color.” I’ve always been a fan of colors! The field of interior design was actually very appealing to me for that reason, but I was discouraged to study that because it was such an unconventional way of making a living in those days. Had I known then the potential of success of interior design, I may have stuck with it. Although I’m not in the art and design field, I’m still intrigued by the colors and creation that surround us.
Have you ever really taken time to admire the color combinations in nature itself? Humans can come up with some pretty interesting displays with the use of colors, but I’m not sure if any of them were not found in nature first. From the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean, to the warm collages of a New England fall, we can find the most vivid and bright colors. We find the most beautiful colors all throughout nature, from leaves to flowers to our skies to our sands. All these colors can make us feel a certain way. Placing these colors in your surroundings, and bring in the feel of the creation you borrowed them from.
We can’t forget the extraordinary colors and patterns found on animals. Do you remember how popular leopard print was a few years ago? As a matter of fact, we might can say it’s still a classic piece in today’s decor. I’ve even seen some of the most beautiful colors on fish! The ever-so-famous “Nemo” is one of the most prettiest fish out there, with it’s breath-taking orange tones against the black and white stripes.
If you look around, you will see where we have borrowed the beauty in creation and placed it all around us. We have copied it and made it a part of our everyday materials and design. The One who designed it all is beyond our human comprehension. We can’t contain His creativity in our finite minds, but we can certainly appreciate it and take care of it.