Eating “Life Foods”

Green Clean Homes
¬†Eating “Live”
We, at Green Clean Homes, totally believe in our philosophy of using natural “green” products for our homes and also our clients’. The best things in life come from nature. We also believe we should carry that approach into our everyday lives and our eating habits.
You may have heard the saying, “If you’re not growing, your’re dying.” If you really think about it, all living organisms grow until they reach the peak in their life cycle, and then they begin to die. Food is the same way!
We, humans, are living organisms who need “live” food to continue to grow, live, and sustain energy. You may wonder what are “live” foods?? Anything that comes up from the earth is a living food. Fruits and vegetables are alive and growing until they’re picked. Once they’re picked they begin to die; but they’re still alive, full of nutrients and vitamins that give us life.
Now think of “dead” foods… things that aren’t “alive” that don’t come from the earth and are processed. Artificial drinks, sugars, and flours don’t exactly give us “life”. Although we need carbohydrates which can be found in some of them, carbs can also be found in “live” vegetables.
So as you plan your meals and your snacks throughout the day, consider giving your body “live” foods and avoid the “dead” ones! You will feel much better in many ways.