Why Go Green?

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Why live “green”?

It appears that we’ve seen the many repercussions for not living “green” lifestyles. What are they, you might ask? There are many, such as destruction of our earth, the increase of unnecessary waste, over-consumption of different resources, illnesses and diseases.
Living “green” means living natural and using what nature has provided. Man has made many chemicals to improve our ways of life, but the benefits have not been worth the price. Our Creator knew everything we would need to live; to thrive and survive, and He provided it through nature. He’s given man the intelligence through science and biology to process plants and bring healing through different medicines.  Living things bring life!
So as you live your life, buy, eat, use items that come from the earth. Living things give life; dead things don’t.
Many cleaning products actually contain toxic chemicals….yes, even the ones that claim “non toxic”. Truly, a natural cleaning can be done almost completely using white distilled vinegar which cannot harm your health at all (or your pets!) We also use Meyer’s Clean Day Products which are on the much more natural side and are not full of “cancer causing chemicals” (that are found in many of today’s cleaning products.
Recycling is a great way to help live green, using reusable bags for shopping, bike riding or walking when you can, picking up trash, using reusable cups instead of plastic water bottles and more.
Living green is much healthier for you, your family, and the environment. It is also healthier for your fellow neighbors, near and far. Every choice you make is like  a ripple effect and it changes others around you, whether you realize it or not. People are watching each other and copying each other constantly, so maybe we can all set a better example and go green for ourselves, each other, and earth!
Living green also just helps you to feel better. Not only feel better because you’re not breathing in harsh chemicals, but living green helps you to feel better in your conscience. When you take a little extra step to go above and beyond, it boosts your self esteem. 🙂
I wish you a “green” day! Go team green!!!