If you grew up in a religious Christian or Catholic home, Easter was probably a HUGE holiday for you. But even if you didn’t, it may have been one of your favorite holidays. Easter is a holiday where we celebrate spring with flowers, chocolate bunnies, and Easter ham. But have you ever wondered.. why?...

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On Colors!

My first paper in college was titled “The Psychological Effects of Color.” I’ve always been a fan of colors! The field of interior design was actually very appealing to me for that reason, but I was discouraged to study that because it was such an unconventional way of making a living in those days....

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Green Clean Homes

Eating “Life Foods”

¬†Eating “Live” We, at Green Clean Homes, totally believe in our philosophy of using natural “green” products for our homes and also our clients’. The best things in life come from nature. We also believe we should carry that approach into our everyday lives and our eating habits. You may have heard the saying,...

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Why Go Green?

Why live “green”? It appears that we’ve seen the many repercussions for not living “green” lifestyles. What are they, you might ask? There are many, such as destruction of our earth, the increase of unnecessary waste, over-consumption of different resources, illnesses and diseases. Living “green” means living natural and using what nature has provided....

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