Green Cleaning

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Hello Gainesville,

As the Award Winning Green Business of the Year for the City of Gainesville, we are honored and grateful to be setting a new standard in the cleaning industry. We are doing what we can to advance the initiative of being an environmentally conscious company that focuses on keeping our customers healthy and their homes clean.

We’ve decided to focus on going from Good to Great, after a book, owner Mary Held is reading, that will help us to evolve into a great company.

Our main mission is to provide top quality cleaning services, sustainable living wages for our cleaners, building the company to a level that will allow us to give abundantly towards rescuing children from the sex trafficking industry. Thinking greater.

In order to accomplish all that we are setting out to do, it takes a long term focus and committment to greatness. For our customers, for our staff, and for the kids that we will help.

I suppose that if you are going to build something with your life, it should be a great legacy that allows you to live up to your potential. When asking the question, what is the potential of Green Clean Homes? And asking myself what is my greatest dream and desire, and what is my own potential….Here’s what I’ve come up with…. buckle up!

One of the dreams I have is to rescue 1,000,000 kids from sex trafficking. The cost per child ranges but my plan is to generate an extra $2.5-$3 million dollars to give away to accredited groups that are dedicated to rescuing children from the slave industry.

So then Green Clean Homes needs to make it to about the $10 million dollar range in gross sales per year over the next 20 years, in order to accomplish that. I think that is entirely possible.

Newberry Fl is the 3rd fastest growing city in Florida currently. Green Clean Homes has a great customer base, a great reputation, and a great foundation to build on. Many cleaning companies cross the 7 figure mark, so I have no doubt that we will also, but I know that the goal is to more than surpass that, and probably grow into other territories as well.

At any rate, thank you for taking the time to read this. This is currently a loose plan for Green Clean Homes. Once I set my mind to it, I have no doubt that it will be accomplished.

I think many people could accomplish much more than they really believe possible. If only people knew what their real potential is….