DIY Green Crafts

Hey! Happy end of March!!!

When trying to figure out what I should blog about this week, I thought, why not green crafts? A lot of people have little ones that like to do crafts and some adults love crafts, scrapbooking, making cards, so why not green?!

So….recently (last weekend) I was at Depot Park with my 3 kids and there was 352 Creates out there. It was really awesome because they had little booths set up for kids (or adults) to do art!

My favorite thing I saw there was the bowls of paint with leaves that the kids could use to paint or make shapes with. I LOVE that idea. What a way to mix nature with art (while still respecting earth).

So, that is one recommendation! Use leaves to paint or stamp cards, canvas, etc.

Another thing my oldest daughter does is she took some grass and glued it to a paper. Then she drew a caterpillar moving towards the grass, which was cool!

I don’t know about you but I get a lot of junk magazines, which I used to throw or give away. Recently, I decided to save a small stack of them to re-use. Magazines can be great to do “vision boards” collages, and I used to have a friend who would use magazine paper to create her own envelopes (we were childhood pen pals). 🙂

What are some other craft ideas that you can do that are green? Got extra materials around your house that you can turn into something useful or fun? Let me know!