Going Green This Spring!

Green Clean Homes Talks

Spring is here!! Here are some cool ways to stay green through this budding season!!

Gardening! You can recycle old pallets or wood you or neighbors may have around the house to create your own raised garden beds! Old bricks, or rocks work also to create a cool design and make a corner of your yard beautiful! Planting edibles and ornamentals is a way to get connected with nature and produce a nice little garden you can be proud of and even use some of your harvest in your cooking!!!!

Your body: create your own natural skin scrub by combining coconut oil with a little bit of sugar, and voila! You have a non-toxic skin care recipe!

Spring is also an excellent time to get in great shape before beach season, and a great time to implement some healthier eating habits. I’m a big promoter of clean eating. I eat as much non-GMO and organic produce as I can (usually). I do also eat my fair share of gummy bears, but no one is perfect, so I eat clean most of the time but if I want a little bit of dark chocolate or gummy bears, I allow myself to have those things. And then I work out pretty often usually.

Cleaning: It’s that time of year again, spring cleaning is here!! (We’re here to help by the way if you need a good spring cleaning!) As you go through old items, there are many places that take donations. Some things you may want to reuse, and some things you may want to give away. A rule I like to go by is, if I haven’t used it in the last year, unless I am really really attached to it, I let it go. People need stuff. I’d rather get rid of clutter and feel the vibe of the less cluttered home and know I may have helped someone than have a cluttered home and the stress that goes with it! Amen? Lol.

So, spring cleaning is also a good time to take a look at the relationships in your life. If there are relationships that are holding you back in life, maybe toxic relationships, or negative influences, it’s a great time to let those go and allow the space to be available for new, healthier relationships. I like to base my friendships on open honesty, mutual respect, similar values, and I also look at if they are influencing me in a positive or a negative way. And when I let go of some closer relationships that may be hurting me in some way, I know that I can allow distance and love them from a distance. It doesn’t mean I go around burning bridges all the time, but I just kind of let there be distance, ya know? Then it doesn’t hurt them. I think “pruning” is a good thing. Sometimes it’s a good idea to prune some relationships. Not always, but sometime.

So I hope these few tips have been helpful! I truly hope you have gained some value here! Happy green spring 2017!!