Green Businesses In Gville :)

Gainesville Home Cleaning
  1. We Are Neutral is a local non-profit organization that offsets carbon emissions by planting trees. They help both residents with their carbon footprint as well as businesses. Though they are located in Gainesville, their work is not confined to just the local area. They offset the carbon footprint ? of UF’s Gators, The Bonaroo music festival, as well as small businesses and renters/homeowners. If you’re interested in finding ways to lower your electric bill, they can help with that too. Check them out.
  2. Sun Power Lawn Care could easily be Gainesville’s favorite lawn care service. Why? Because they are QUIET!!! They also  have virtually no negative impact on the environment due to using solar energy as fuel vs. gasoline. What little impact they may have on the environment is offset by We Are Neutral  who plants trees to offset any emmissions caused by the operation of Sun Power Lawn Care.  Can they get any better? 😉  Me thinks not.
  3.  Gainesville Compost is a local business that allows people to set out their organic trash such as banana peels, coffee grounds, etc. Gainesville Compost will then come and take away your compost materials in exchange for a bucket of composted  soil. You can use the soil to plant your personal gardens, and grow healthy herbs, fruits, vegetables, or even flowers. 🙂
  4.  The Sustainable Design Group is comprised of architects and designers who work with their clients to build homes on a more sustainable level. The homes they design and help build are crafted  in a way that reduces wasted space and materials. Yay!
  5. They sell “green” building materials. They also provide interior design and organizing services.
  6. Do you know of a sustainable business that is not covered here? Please give us a call and a suggestion to add to this blog post! We love to hear feedback from the local community.