Green Tips For Cleaning Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel can really make a kitchen shine. It is a strong kitchen finish that makes a statement. But it can be difficult to keep clean. Food stuff, finger smudges, you name it, your stainless steel appliances will see it all. Understanding a few easy ways to clean it will keep it looking bright and versatile.

There are many cleaners out there that are aerosolĀ based, such as Steel Meister or WD-40, we avoid these as they do more harm to the environment than other methods and the spray creates a fine mist that will propagate outside of the kitchen onto other surfaces. WD-40 is probably not a good idea.

One of the most effective methods for cleaning stainless steel is simply using baby oil. Find a microfiber cloth and apply the oil to the surface. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean.

Vinegar is also effective and, importantly, green. Spray it on the surface and be certain to wipe with the grain.

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