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Hi, my name is Mary Held. I started Green Clean Homes in April 2013 as a stay at home mom, with about $50 worth of cleaning supplies and a prayer. We’re committed to providing excellent, trustworthy, reliable service.

I am a mommy of 3 amazing kids, I serve on one of Gainesville’s City Boards, and I grow Green Clean Homes. When I’m not being a mom or a working, I love to go hiking, skateboarding, painting, reading, writing, and going to the beach.

Where is Green Clean Homes headed? Well, I’m super passionate about purchasing the freedom of abused kids out of sex trafficking. It’s my dream to build a mulit-million dollar green cleaning company and be able to purchase the freedom of as many children as possible. That’s the mission of Green Clean Homes. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for your support! I look forward to serving you! -Mary 🙂

You Relax. We Clean. 

Maid Naturally.

As a home and office cleaning service, we are committed to providing a healthier, safer alternative to the residents and business owners of Gainesville, FL. We specialize in green cleaning! Why? Because we care about our customers!

What’s green cleaning? Basically, we’re a natural maid service. We focus on high quality without using toxic chemicals. We also focus on being sustainable and fair in other ways. Our maids start at $10 per hour and our top maids earn over $15 per hour. We also have trees planted (with We Are Neutral) to offset the amount of electricity and gas we use. We’re not perfect, (is anyone?) but we try to be as sustainable as possible and as natural as possible.

Want us to use traditional cleaning products? Just ask! 🙂
To date, we still have NO incidents of property theft. Why? Because our first rule is honesty. Our foundation for hiring is based on the integrity of the people we hire. If we feel like they are not 100% honest and trustworthy, they don’t get hired. It’s that simple.

      • 2016 Gainesville Green Business of The Year Award Winner!
      • Eco-Friendly (And Family Friendly)!
      • Trustworthy And Reliable!
      • Outstanding Service!

“… Everything smells wonderful, is so clean and organized … Additionally, the professionalism, courtesy, and customer service of this company is top notch. They went above and beyond.” 

~ Jessica S.

Couldn’t be more pleased with Green Clean Homes. They are thorough, friendly and arrive on-time.

~ Phil W.

“Couldn’t be happier. They FAR exceed my expectations. Very professional and efficient. Meticulous attention to detail. Best cleaning ever! Plan on using on a regular basis!!!! 

~ Paula S.

What’s New?

Green Clean Homes Won 2016 Green Business of The Year Award (Star Award From City of Gainesville)!!!!!

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